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Zen One Classic

Zen One Classic

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"She loves that she can get her hands to her mouth but it keeps her snug enough to sleep restfully.” – Brittany T.

Scientifically designed for self-soothing and sounder sleep. The gently weighted Zen One calms like your embrace by providing comforting pressure only where babies are naturally held. This secure feeling eases the womb to world transition and helps babies self-soothe through sleep disruptions, leading to deeper periods of sleep that are essential for healthy development

The versatile Zen One is the only swaddle you’ll ever need. Gently weighted to mimic the feel of your embrace, this swaddle adapts to changing sleep styles from birth to 6 months, easing transitions and providing continuous comfort from newborn startles through rolling.

Two-way zipper makes diaper changes a breeze
Zipper covers, cuddly seams and soft tags protect your baby’s skin
Secure inner band that holds your baby’s arms tight to prevent wake-ups from startle reflex.
Quick-drying mesh sleeves to promote self-soothing for thumb suckers
Removable sleeves, making it a safe option for your baby once they start rolling over
Secure inner band prevents Zen One from riding up in arms out position

Sizes from 0 to 6 months

Fabric details:
Made from 95% breathable cotton and 5% spandex. The mesh sleeves are 68% nylon and 32% spandex.

Care details:
Wash in cold water on delicate cycle
Tumble dry on low heat

TOG of 1.0

The center and side weights mimic your reassuring touch, and calm with only a few ounces
The safe alternative to all-weighted sleepwear
Applies gentle pressure that is tested for breathing safety
Passes mandatory and voluntary children's product tests
Tested for suffocation hazard
Hip-healthy. Does not hinder mobility

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